How do I submit a claim?

How To Submit A Claim To Aquilian Benefits?

To submit a claim on your Aquilian Benefits Plan, complete the following steps:

  1. Go the Forms page and download a Claims form. The Claims form must be opened in a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel, Numbers for Mac, or the free OpenOffice software.
  2. You can either print the manual form and complete it or put your information into the spreadsheet from and print it. The receipts must be enclosed with the claim form. They do not have to be in any order.
  3. If you are not the Planholder (the employer), then simply deliver your claim to your employer who will make the submission on your behalf, unless your employer has arranged with Aquilian for confidential direct submissions to us – in that case, mail your claim form with original receipts to us. Expect payment to arrive either by direct deposit into your bank account or else by cheque at your address via Canada Post within 12 business days of the date your employer submits payment for your claim.
  4. The Planholder will enclose a claim payment cheque made payable to Aquilian Benefits Corporation drawn on the business bank account in Canada for the Total Fee Payable (Health Expenses + Administration Fee + taxes). We also accept payment by Interac e-transfer.
  5. Planholder mails the forms and cheque to:

Aquilian Benefits Corporation
2189 Concession 6
Uxbridge, ON  L9P 1R4

We are committed to responding to your submission within 5 business days of receiving your claim. Claim reimbursements are by direct deposit to your personal bank account, so be sure to send us a scan or fax us a copy of your personal cheque or full banking details, including name of bank, transit number, account number, and legal name of the account holder.