What’s the cost of employee health benefits?

What Does An Aquilian Benefits PHSP Cost?

To operate your own employee health benefits plan you pay only an administration fee of 5% of the total medical expenses claimed.

You send your Aquilian Benefits Claim Form and a cheque for the amount of the medical expense plus 5% and related taxes. The entire amount including the medical expenses, administration fee and taxes is a fully tax-deductible business expense. The taxes that apply are detailed on the claim forms we provide and differ for each province.

There are no minimums – you and your employees submit only when there is a medical expense.

You Do NOT Pay Additional Fees For:

  • Any ongoing monthly or annual premiums.
  • Setting up additional covered employees.
  • Any changes, additions or deletions to your list of covered employees.
  • Any changes, additions or deletions to the class of any covered employees.
  • Multiple submissions in a year; submit as often as you like or only once per year. You only pay the 5% administration fee.
  • Safekeeping of your plan’s records and receipts.
  • Keeping your plan operating, even if you do not make a claim in a year, although we will purge your account if it remains inactive after 7 years.

What Do You Get?

Your Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is a contract with Aquilian Benefits Corporation. As part of this contract agreement, Aquilian Benefits commits to pay the full amount of the eligible expenses, tax-free to the claimant.

Our pledge is to complete the adjudication and issue a direct deposit or cheque within 5 business days of receipt of the claim.