Aquilian Financial – April 19, 2014

My favourite photo from Truck World 2014

My fave Truck World photo

I met a lot of good people last weekend at Truck World 2014, but none were so happy as this one.


Thanks to good meetings I had at Truck World, we can now offer a Spring Leasing Special:

All new and used trucks, tractors, and trailers can now be leased at rates from 4.5% to 6.75% and with no personal guarantee and terms as long as 6 years.

Don’t forget…

If your trucks don’t fit inside a bank…

I’ll get you the cash you need.

And here’s how:

  • Fuel discount cards, controlled and monitored by you, that can be used for many other expenses, too
  • Cash before delivery option: 50% in cash, if you need it, when you pick up a load. Just send us a photo/scan/fax of the bill of lading
  • 95% cash advance available on most invoices
  • Same-day cash advances
  • No original documents needed: we accept photos, faxes, scans
  • You decide how to spend your money
  • No worries about your credit history
  • No bank “covenants” (financial performance targets)
  • No “customer concentration” limits
  • Lowest fees: 2.99% Flat Fee, or a Line of Credit based on the prime rate
  • No cost to apply, and no obligation to accept our offer
  • No long-term contract
  • Your customers have up to 90 days to pay
  • Access your account online 24/7 or by phone/email/fax with your personal account manager
  • Access to unlimited money: Grow as quickly as you can!
  • Quick approvals and our simple form is easy to complete
  • Flexible financing from 1 truck to 200 trucks – leasing from 4.5% for up to 6 years with no personal guarantee

Contact me now by email (

or call 1-647-333-7229

or download our credit application.