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  • Trucking sales tips
  • The “ask”
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  • Financing for equipment

Trucking sales tips

From a long-serving, successful trucking salesman.

  1. Send out an agenda in advance for all meetings with prospective and existing customers.
  2. Speak with your own operations people and find out what problems and successes we’ve had with the customer or one like the prospect.
  3. Know your industry and products completely.
  4. Prepare for and rehearse your side of the meeting and be warmed-up before going in. “Get your head and your mouth working together.”
  5. Be interested, not interesting. The more you learn from others, the easier it will be to find a way to solve their problems for them.
  6. Send out handwritten holiday and birthday greetings to all customers and prospects, and thank-you notes to any individual inside or outside your company who helps solve a problem, gives you new loads, or somehow makes a positive contribution.
  7. Always ask directly for the business, then shut up, for the next one to speak, loses.

The “ask”

I will now follow my own advice: Will you let me finance your next new or used truck or trailer?

Some humour

Here are a couple of good ones:

Four husbands sit in the hospital maternity waiting room. A nurse walks up to the first man and says, “Congratulations! Your wife gave birth to twins.” The man answers, “Thank you, but that’s odd, since I work at a restaurant called Two For Tea.”
Soon the nurse returns to tell the second man that his wife just delivered triplets, to which he replies, “That’s weird, because I work at a company called Three Amigos.”
Another nurse told the third man, “Congratulations, sir, your wife has given birth to quadruplets!” The third man says, “That’s amazing, because I work at the Four Seasons!”
At this point the fourth man starts crying loudly and pulling at his hair. The nurse asks him what’s wrong and he answers, “I drive a truck for Seven Stars Transport!”

One day, as he read the Sunday newspaper, a man was surprised when his wife smacked him upside the head with a frying pan.
“What was that for?!” he cried.
“I was doing your laundry,” she shouted at him, “and found a piece of paper on it with name of Marilyn written on it. Who is she? Are you cheating on me?”
“Sweetie, don’t worry! Remember when I went to the racetrack with my friends last week? Marilyn was the name of the horse I bet on.”
Satisfied, his wife apologized to him.
A few hours later, the wife smacked the husband with the frying pan again.
“What was that for?!” shouted the husband.
“Your horse called.”

Financing for equipment

We provide quick service and a low cost to acquire new and used income-producing units.

“Affordable monthly payment options”

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