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Recent truck/trailer deals

Here’s a summary of some of the deals we’ve closed recently:

D.S. operates 23 tractors and more than 30 trailers, plus several owner-operators. He needed 2 aluminum tandem flatbeds and 1 custom heavy-duty quad dropdecktrailers. We sourced the trailers for him and got him a significant discount (we pay wholesale!), financing it all over 60 months (his preference) at 5.25%.

A 12-tractor carrier wanted to “sell” 3 used tractors to company drivers, making them owner-operators. We worked through several problems with the drivers’ credit and created leases they could afford. Then we leased 3 new trucks for the carrier at a rate lower than the dealer offered.

A 3-tractor carrier wanted to sell his 2007 and replace it with a newer model. We funded both the buyer of the 2007 and the replacement unit, which we located for the carrier. Both sales were with private individuals, not dealers.

Although A.L. had been operating his specialized fleet for many years, the corporation was still in the name of another member of his family. A.L. needed another unit, but since he’s now negotiating to take ownership of the carrier, he wanted to acquire the new unit personally, not inside the company. He also shopped around for the best lease rate. Aquilian won his business for creating the structure he needed at the lowest rate around.

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Some humour

Here are some gems from Brian Regan:

I would have been a lot better off if I’d studied more when I was growing up, y’know. But you know where it all went wrong was the day they started the spelling bee. Because up until that day I was an idiot, but nobody else knew.

Then the spelling bee day popped up.
“Alright kids, up against the wall. It time for public humiliation.”
Spell a word wrong, sit down in front of your friends. That would be great for little egos, “Hey look at me, I’m a moron! I wasn’t even close! I was using numbers and stuff!”

That’s why I admired the kid who spelled the word wrong on purpose so he could sit down. He knew he wan’t going to win, so why stand there for 3 hours. In the first round: “Cat: K – A – T. I’m outta here.” Then as he passes you, “Ha! I know there’s 2 T’s.”

I remember my teacher asked me, “Brian, what’s the i before e rule?”

“I before e… ALWAYS.” “What are you, an idiot, Brian?” “Apparently.”
“No, Brian, it’s, “I before E EXCEPT after C, AND when sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh, and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May, and you’ll always be wrong no matter WHAT you say!”

“That’s a hard rule. That’s a- that’s a rough rule.”

Plurals were hard, too. “Brian, how do you make a word a plural?” “You put a ‘s’… you put a ‘s’ at the end of it.”

(sigh) “On weekends and holidays!!!”

“No, Brian. Let me show you.” So she asked this kid who knew everything. Erwin “Erwin, what’s the plural for ox?”
“Oxen. The farmer used his oxen.”

Brian?” (chuckling) “What?” “Brian, what’s the plural for box?”

“Boxen. I bought 2 boxen of doughnuts.”

“No, Brian, no! Let’s try another one. Erwin, what’s the plural for goose?” “Geese. I saw a flock… of geese.”

“Brian!” (Chuckling) “Wha-at?” “Brian, what’s the plural for MOOSE?” … …
“MOOSEN!! I saw a flock of moosen! There were many of ’em. Many much moosen. Out in the woods-in the woodes-in the woodsen. The meese wantin’ the food. Food is to eatenesen!THE MEESE WANT THE FOOD IN THE WOODENESEN! THE FOOD IN THE WOODYENESEN!”

“BRIAN! Brian,.. You’re an imbecile.”

“What are you speaking? German, Brian?”

“German. Jermain! Jermaine Jackson! Jackson Five. Tito!”

“Brian, what the hell are you talking about!?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know, really..”

We just moved. I called UPS. Ask them to help out with some boxes. They are good service, but you gotta have information ready about your boxes before you can call them. I had no idea. I called them up, “Yeah, I have 10 boxes. Can you come over and pick them up?”

“We need to know the weight and the girth.”

“Ok. Good bye.”

So I called back. “We need the weight and the girth.”

“Ok. I don’t know what the weight is, and uhm I don’t know what girth means. So now what’s the procedure?”

So this guy talks to me like i’m four years old, “Well, do you have a bathroom scale?”

“Yeah, but if I put the box on the scale, it’s gonna cover up the NUMBERS.” What I do? take it off very quick? “Ah, zero. I’m not fast enough.” What’s he talking about?

So then he gives me like his Mr. Wizard formula, “How about if you stand on the scale, and then weight yourself. Then get off the scale. Pick up the box. Get back on, and where you and the box together. Subtract your own weight.”

I’m going, “slow down. Hold on professor.”

I know this guy never tried this cause I tried it, and you can’t still see the NUMBERS.

What am I, Mr. Olympia? “3 pounds.”

And then I had to hang up in the middle of his girth formula. He kept on ensuring me it was easy, “You know the girth is very simple to figure out. You take the length and double that by the smaller height after yoiu triangular the hypothesis of the thrid side.”

“Ok. I gotta go. I’m getting another call. Yeah, I’m too stupid to talk to you. I just don’t want to get along with you any longer.”

So this is true. I figured I call up, and make up some numbers, you know. Let him come out and pick them up. If it’s wrong, I’ll pay the difference. Just dispatch the truck. Please. So I called back, “Yeah, uhm. I have 10 boxes. And… Uhm. No. I’m the other guy. And they all weight exactly 22 pounds, and they all have a girth of — 3.”

“Three what?”

“Three — girth units. Come pick them up. Please. I’m begging you. They’re boxes, and they’re brown. And they have tape all on them. And they probably fit on a dolly.” Why must you torture me?


Need drivers? We have them for you!

We get you temporary-to-permanent staff: Hire them only after you like them.

We put them on our payroll first until you decide whether you want to hire them directly. In any case, it never costs you more than 15%.

Call or write us today and tell us who you need to get your trucks rolling anywhere in Canada except Quebec.

Helping you buy or sell equipment

  • Do you have equipment you’d like to sell, but buyers don’t have enough cash?
  • Do you want to buy from a private seller who wants only cash?
  • Do you have an employee who could be an owner-operator, if only they could get financing?
  • Do you want your owner-operator to replace equipment or get an additional unit?
  • Does your bank or leasing company say, “No”?

We can help, at little or no cost to you.


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