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Tridem tractors, boat-tails, and B trains

National standards for the weight and dimension limits of heavy vehicles used in interprovincial transportation are contained in a Federal/Provincial/Territorial Memorandum of Understanding on Interprovincial Weights and Dimensions (the “MOU”). It is the MOU that defines what size of truck, tractor, and trailer dimensions are allowed to travel interprovincially on Canadian roads.

On October 1, representatives from the Federal Government and from each province and territory approved the following amendments to the national standards:

1. Addition of the Tridem (3-axle) Drive Tractor-Semitrailer Configuration as a new MOU Category

Research and testing in development of appropriate weight and dimension limits for a tridem drive tractor was originally undertaken in western Canada in the early 1990’s. The tridem drive tractor is attractive to some sectors of the trucking industry where heavy payloads are common and additional traction is needed.

Inclusion of the tridem drive tractor-semitrailer configuration in the MOU will take advantage of the considerable research, testing and operational experience gained in western Canada and will support national harmonization of standards for this configuration.

2. Increase in the Allowable Size of Aerodynamic Devices (“boat-tails”) on Rear of Trucks and Trailers from 0.9 metres to 1.52 m.

After considerable research on the effectiveness and safety of rear-mounted aerodynamic devices, in December 2013 Transport Canada revised regulations to facilitate the use of larger aerodynamic devices on the rear of trucks and trailers. Dimension limits currently stipulated in provincial and territorial regulations limit the allowable extension at the rear of trailers for aerodynamic devices to 0.9 m.

This amendment will harmonize regulations in Canada with those in the United States and support the trucking industry in improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

3. Increase in the Overall Length Limit for B Train Double Trailer Combinations from 25 m to 27.5 metres

In 2013, the Canadian Trucking Alliance proposed that the overall length limit for B Train Double Trailer combinations be increased to 27.5 metres to:
– accommodate the use of longer tractors which are necessary to fit engine emissions reduction equipment and alternative fuel systems (eg. LNG),
– improve safety in collisions with wildlife (addition of moose bumpers), and
– reduce driver fatigue, improve driver comfort and allow larger sleeper berths.

The full press release about these amendments may be found here:

Some humour

A carrier is visiting his one big customer and says, “Mr. Shipper, I need an increase in my rates. Most of my capacity is dedicated to you, and has been for several years. Now I currently have four companies after me and so I decided to talk to you first.”

Customer: An increase? I would love to be able to give you an increase, but this is just not the right time.

Carrier: I understand. I know that your sales have slowed a little in the last year, but you must take into consideration the quality of service we have provided you.

Customer: Well.. Taking that into account, I don’t want any headaches, I’m willing to give you a ten percent increase. How does that sound?

Carrier: Great! It’s a deal, thank you!

Customer: Before you go, just out of curiosity, what companies are after you?

Carrier: Oh, it’s the Fuel Company, the Insurance Company, the Electric Company, and the Mortgage Company!


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Helping you buy or sell equipment

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